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COVID19 and Back Pain.

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

We have been lucky as a clinic to be back to work with safety protocols in force since June of 2020. We have definitely seen an increase in upper back and neck pain as many of our patients have move to working from home. While the poor ergonomics are a definite contributor, so is the increase in stress and "COVID fatigue".

Change your work station

Better ergonomics are obviously the easiest solution and many people have converted to a stand up desk. What we find to be very helpful is to change your work station throughout the day. Staying in one position for a prolonged length of time puts a constant stress on your muscles and joints. Simply changing the angle at which you sit/stand will change that and give some of your muscles a break.

Put an end to your work day at a reasonable time

Fight the urge to look at work emails after a set time. Many of our patients are finding that there is not start and stop time anymore for work as they are working from home. Oftentimes they tell us that they are on their computer doing work into the evening. Try to carve out some time where you put the computer (and smartphone) aside and do a quick 20 minute stretching break do reinvigorate yourself.

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