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Continuing the Education

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

One thing we are very proud of at Kinetica is the emphasis our office has on continuing education in the world of Manual Therapy, Rehabilitation, Functional Movement and Pain Science.

COVID has made it difficult to continue some of this education but we are persevering!

Ben Sluzar, RMT, DOMP completed his Osteopathic Manual Therapy Training in early 2021 and is now offering both Osteopathic and Massage Therapy services at Kinetica. Both Cherry Ann James, RMT and Carmen Wan DPT are both in the final stages of completing their Osteopathic Manual Therapy Degrees as well.

Sunket Kulkarni - our newest physiotherapist - just completed his Level 1 Certification for his Manipulative Physiotherapy Designation.

Our Clinic Director - Dr. Peter Tzakas, DC - has also completed comprehensive reviews on Diagnosis and Classification of Cervical Pain, Lumbar Pain, Shoulder Pain and Lower Extremity Pain through the continuing education aspect of the Functional Movement Systems which he has been a member of since 2016.

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