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Neurodynamics and Manual Therapy

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Some of the patient's at Kinetica come in suffering from nerve related issues and in some cases muscle related issues that actually have underlying nerve components. In human cadaver studies nerves have been shown to be able to move independant of other soft tissues. This independancy can be used by experienced therapists to help identify a Neurodynamic issue and to treat it accordingly.

Neurodynamic manual therapy is the mobilisation of the nervous system as an approach to physical treatment of pain. The treatment relies on influencing the gliding and tension that exists in the nervous system and also between the nerves and other soft tissues. This neurodynamic mobilisation activates a range of mechanical and physiological responses in nervous tissues. eg neural sliding, pressurisation, elongation, tension and changes in intraneural microcirculation, axonal transport and nervous impulse movements.

This helps the nerves move more freely which allows better circulation and speeds up healing.

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